Sunday, May 18, 2014


We named ours Jasper.

18 years ago today.

He came home from a party last night, tall, late and unshaven, swinging his car keys around.

Me:  Happy birthday!!
Him:  I know! I was thinking while I was driving, if I were somehow arrested right now? I would have to go to JAIL! Can you believe it?

We laughed.  I hugged him, and he headed down the hall to bed.  My breath caught as his footsteps receded.

The answer is, No. 
I can't believe it.

Just look over your shoulder.
Just look over your shoulder.
Just look over your shoulder.
I'll be there, always*.

*  Except if you actually go to jail.  Then call your dad.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Root Vegetable Study

At the kids' elementary school, the first grade class theme was How Food gets to the Table. The curriculum was very comprehensive*.

Going out to a local vegetable farm for a day? Perfect.
Creating a replica farmers' market in the classroom?  Makes total sense.
Field trip to Whole Foods? Count me in.
Making farm vehicles out of wood? OK, I can see that.

Milk Truck Artwork

An entire unit** on root vegetables?

My kid got jicama.  He liked it because it started with a "J".

Jicama artwork

Don't get me wrong. The artwork was fantastic. But how much time can you spend learning about jicama?

Whole jicama

Turns out that teacher*** was a savant on the topic, and I was completely wrong to doubt her.
Jicama is incredible:

Cut into sticks, throw in a little lime juice, mint and chile, and oh, baby! Fresh, clean, crisp, tart, juicy, a little sweet, a little spicy...just wow. Almost no calories and great for you, too? Double wow!

Minted Jicama Sticks

Root vegetables that start with "J". Seriously phenomenal.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

YOU get an NBA Team! And YOU get an NBA Team!

My son has been a Clippers fan since he was barely able to talk.

My daughter, on the other hand, was only a vampire for a day

He and I have been going to games together almost his entire life.  It's our thing.

As the disaster that has been this past few weeks unfolded, he wrote an incredibly articulate piece about his feelings on his blog, Me+TV*.

Jasper Article on Donald Sterling

"Think of how amazing it would be if the Clippers won and showed Sterling that he isn’t better than them and to show him that they can succeed no matter how he feels. A team full of different races, and the fans from all over the world rejoicing in victory not only in basketball, but for equality as a whole. That would truly be something special." -- Jasper Pike

Naturally, that something special kid and I will be celebrating Mothers' Day downtown at Staples Center today, with my daughter and my husband and the rest of #ClipperNation.

Meanwhile, someone else is working on a fix as well.

You go, Mom.

* If you are a fan of intelligent television, you should check it out.  I'm slightly biased, but it's well worth a read.