Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Ready for their close up

Autumn Spice Cookies | Cheesy Pennies

Just over six years ago, I wrote a post about these cookies.  Blandly listed in the Recipe Box as "Autumn Spice Cookies" right after the very distracting Amaretto Brownies with a Cream Cheese Swirl, they've been hiding in the archives like a little undiscovered nugget that only I knew about.

Autumn Spice Cookies - Original Recipe | Cheesy Pennies

I was 100% fine with that, because they were my private, personal favorite cookies, and I loved them enough for all of you*.

Apple Cider Syrup | Cheesy Pennies

Then, I went and made them better. I threw in some homemade apple cider syrup and it got ridiculous how good they were. It was just plain wrong to keep them to myself.

Apple Cider Molasses Cookie | Cheesy Pennies

So I put them on the menu over at Mom in the Mail as a seasonal special, secretly hoping that no one would notice them in the midst of the adorable apple pies.

They noticed.

But maybe, just maybe, I could have kept the lid on 'em.

Apple Cider Molasses Cookie | Cheesy PenniesUntil the burnt sugar bits went in and it officially became a crime for these not to be famous.  Kind of like when that indy singer who's been playing for years at the bar down the street hooks up with Disclosure and suddenly becomes Sam Smith.

Apple Cider Molasses Cookie with Burnt Sugar Bits | Cheesy Pennies

This is clearly something that Cheesy Pennies is not equipped to tackle alone**, but thanks to the 5th Annual Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap***, I don't have to. It is a responsibility that Julie, Anna, Chrissy and I now share****.

Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap Box | Cheesy Pennies

If you make them, you'll have to spread the word, too. They truly deserve their shot at the big time.

Monday, December 14, 2015

When in doubt, just talk about chocolate or throw in a really long quote

I'm up late tonight, on stand-by for the final grammar check as my daughter is struggling with an English essay. Truth be told, I'm struggling, too, with the sheer December-ness of everything. The idea of crafting a clever blog post is a bit beyond me right now*.

She's sorting through relevant passages, trying to prove a point about totalitarianism and manipulative language. I would say this is what you get for procrastinating but...

Pot = Black
Apple = Right up against the damn tree

Chocolate Olive Oil Cake a la Gjusta | Cheesy Pennies

How about some chocolate cake while we wait? It could be a long night.