Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Curse you!

I recently received this e-mail:

"Okay, I'm completely addicted to Huckleberry's salted caramel bars. They're about 2 by 3 inch bars of short bread cookie dough topped with 1/2 an inch of amazing not to sweet not too burnt caramel which has two or five little specs of salt on top. If you cut a bite out and turn it so the salt hits your tongue first, you will cry over how good they are. If there was ever one person on this planet that must try these, it is you my friend. And if you can't get to Huckleberry, I will get you one the next time I go, which might just be tomorrow."

Not only did she go, she brought a tray full of them to my barbecue.

I have a new name for this friend of mine: Crack dealer.

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