Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Spouseless in Seattle

It has been a while since I was in college.   In fact, there's an algebraic equation for just how long it's been:

Let y equal the number of years since I was a freshman
Let x equal the number of years until my son will be a freshman
y > 25
x < 5
y = 7x

Now try this one:

Let x equal the number of friends from my freshman year who met in Seattle this weekend
Let y equal the number of husbands and children who came with us
Let z equal how much fun we had

x = y + 4
z = x/y
Hint:  y also equals how much time we felt had passed since our days in the dorm together.

Answer:  Four friends, zero family, infinite fun.   Oh, and there was great food, too.

 The glorious freshness of the Pike Place market stalls

The incredible baked goods across the street.  Hand formed Russian piroshky, baskets of delicate french pastries, and, not pictured, hot savory pork bao and melt-in-your mouth Chinese almond cookies

Artisan cheese made in front of your eyes.  Spices from around the world, ground to order.

Lunch at Etta's (another post coming soon with a great story and recipe)
Dinner at Wild Ginger (that's ginger ice cream folks, and it rocked!)
The decadent mac & cheese at Bennett's

 One of many consumed during our evenings of catching up

Eighteen again, if only for the weekend!

* Or, delight your kids by giving this to them as an extra credit problem.   Nothing quite says "summer fun" like doing algebra with your teenager.  Unfortunately, I know what I'm talking about here.  And, by the way, x = 4, and y = 28.

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