Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Foodie Girls Lunch Brigade - Emergency Bacon Truck Edition

Date:  September 14
From:  NewFG@yahoo.com
To:  FG1@gmail.com
Re: Fwd: UD | Finally, a Bacon Food Truck

Time for some bacon!

[Forwarding a link to an announcement on Urban Daddy]:

Sooner or later, you just knew you’d see Lady Gaga in a meat dress. Likewise, you just knew that one day you’d open up an email to find that there’s a food truck dedicated solely to the glory of bacon.   And here it is: Lardon, soft-launching tomorrow and determined to make the streets of Los Angeles a little more bacon-y.

Date:  September 21
From:  FG1@gmail.com
To:  FoodieGirls (group)
Re: Fwd: A heart-on for Lardon

Ladies!! We must go, and soon!

[Forwarding a link to a post on MyLastBite with some completely drool inducing photos (click here and see for yourself)]:

Yes, Virginia, there is a BACON TRUCK!

Date:  September 27
From:  FG7@aol.com
To:  FG1@gmail.com
Re:  FYI Lardon today

They are at CBS on Radford in Studio City today for lunch. I may go check....

Date:  September 27, within two minutes of prior email
To: FoodieGirls (group)
From: FG1@gmail.com
Re:  Fwd: FYI Lardon today

Attention all Valley FGs (and others!)...this just in from FG7, and also per the Lardon Truck twitter feed as of 10:15:  "Headed over to CBS Radford (Alyssa's spot) for lunch. Doors up in 45!"  I, for one, am planning to be there, camera in hand.


And I was.  After all, it was a FG bacon emergency.  It was my job.

I love my job. 

My dog, my husband and I approach the truck, and a guy reaches out with a paper cone of bacon strips.   "Hi!  Does your dog like bacon?  It's on the house!"

Yes.  My dog likes bacon.  He really likes free bacon. He really, really likes the Lardon Truck. A lot.

After starting in admiration at the menu for a few moments and swapping bacon chit chat* with the infectiously friendly team in the truck, I order my lunch. 

The BLT, featuring peppered Nueske's bacon, heirloom tomatoes, butter lettuce, and a smear of St. Agar's pungent blue cheese on a toasted baguette.

And the baco, a version of a taco with a shell formed of thick-cut bacon, stuffed with flavorful "smashed" potatoes and melting cheddar cheese.   Served with a side of horseradish sour cream, with bacon bits on top.

The sandwich was very, very good.  The baco? Was ridiculous.  

Guess who is looking on enviously in the background?
Me and my dog really really like the Lardon Truck.  A lot**.

* Besides bemoaning the record heat that day, I learned the following:  If you have a favorite bacon, holler at the Lardon truck! They are always on the look out for new varieties to showcase in the rotating "bacone" sampler.   And, if you are the first to request an appearance at a certain location, that parking space will be immortalized with your name on it, as Alyssa has been for the Radford stop.  Bacon people are the nicest, aren't they?
** I don't think much of my husband, who not only skipped the bacon options in favor of a cuban sandwich from another truck, but also told me he would disown me if I ordered the brownie with bacon and Nutella spread for dessert.  And my son, whom I texted with the good news about my lunch outing while he was stuck at school, hates my guts for going without him.  I will remedy both situations the next time the truck is on our side of town.

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