Monday, October 25, 2010

Why Mom will be praying on Tuesday

Mom asked me this morning what I thought about the upcoming election, and after our mutual "tut-tutting" over the horrible ads and out-of-control spending on the governor's race, talk turned to the overall mood of the country, and how vicious the attacks on the president have become.

Mom:  Can you believe this, Sharon?  Don't these people know how bad things would have been if McCain and that Sarah Palin were in charge?   I mean, look at Michelle.   Everything she's done for the country.    A billion dollars of business, of jobs, and stimulus for everyone, created from nothing, right there, and no one gives her credit.  It's like they have blinders on or something.

Me:  No, they sure don't give her enough credit.  Wait.  What?

Mom:  They say that people have spent over a billion dollars to dress the way she does.  And that's in less than two years!  And you know why?  Because she dresses so nicely.  Classy.  Simple.  Affordable.   She puts on an outfit, and it sells like hotcakes.  Tell me Sarah Palin or that Cindy McCain could do that!

Me:  They couldn't.  You are totally right.

Mom:  I'm telling you.   The woman is a boon to the entire nation, and all they can do is tear her husband down.   And don't get me started about that garden and the obese children.   I mean honestly.  Would Sarah take time to think about anything organic?  Please.  So, I've just been saying my prayers for Barack and hoping people will stop and think a little before they vote on Tuesday.

You heard her, folks.  Stop and think a little before you vote on Tuesday.

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