Tuesday, January 7, 2014

In The Doghouse - Now Updated with a Happy Ending!!!!

Way back in January, 2011...

I called my dear friend a few days after Christmas to connect and swap family holiday stories. I told her what had happened when the kids tried to bring Christmas to my mom. Then she told me about a horrible client who made the days running up to and through the holiday a complete nightmare for her. We had a nice round of hearty commiseration and denigration of the misbehaving clients/mothers. Then I told her about the surprise present from my husband and kids that just blew me away, and how happy that had made me after everything that had been going on this year. There was a moment of silence on her end, and then:

Her: Well, that makes what I got even funnier.
Me: Oh no. No! What? He did get you something, right? Tell me he didn't forget to get you something for Christmas.
Her: Oh, he got me something alright.
Me: Well?
Her: He got me a jump rope.
Me: A what?
Her: A jump rope.
Me: Are you kidding me?
Her: I am not kidding you. A jump rope.
Me: [Stunned into silence by this]
Her: It's not just bad in general. It's specifically bad. I mean, you've had kids. I've had kids. I've had HIS KIDS! And I get a jump rope. Really? REALLY?!! There is NO WAY I can jump rope. If I even hop for a second I start to pee uncontrollably. It's just how our bodies work now, right? And he KNOWS THIS because he was in the car when I was crying like a baby after a particularly unfortunate aerobics class. He drove me home. Soaked in my own urine and CRY-ING!
Me: And yet he gave you...a jump rope.
Her: Yep.
Me: Oh, man.
Her: Oh, don't worry. I'm going downstairs right now to tell him all about your gift.   ALL about it.    That guy is never getting out of the doghouse.  EVER!

Fast forward to January 2014...

My friend has just launched an awesome company for women fitness fiends and now loves her jumprope. And the marriage was saved.  Learn more at JustGoGirl!


  1. Okay... what'd you get? (I need a better idea than a jump rope for next Christmas)

  2. George, on Christmas morning there was a brand new mini cooper, draped in silver wrapping paper with three kooky red bows on top parked in our driveway. The whole family was in on the surprise, and got up early that morning to paint everybody's names on it (the paper, not the car!). Needless to say, I felt kinda bad about my gift to Brian of a pair of hiking poles and some sheet music.