Thursday, March 10, 2011

Calories for a Cause

Today I ate this:
Chicken curry with apricots and almonds from Kensington Caterers
And this.

Angus Steak Asada Tacos with Tomatillo Salsa on Fresh Pressed Tortillas, from Pinches Tacos*
And these.
Carrot Cake Bon Bons from Cakified

And these.
Peanut Butter S'muffins (i.e. S'Mores Muffins!) from Gotta Have S'More

A bunch of these.
Gourmet Chocolate Brownies from a 1959 heirloom recipe by Phlip N' Nik.

And a lot of other stuff that I couldn't take photos of because it went into my tummy too quickly.  Like Kale Salad with Cashew Lemon Dressing (with a side of Gingersnaps) from Food.   Rosemary Almond Butter Crunch from p.o.p. candy.  Pretzel Toffee Bark from Susan the Baker. And Guiness Stout Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Glaze from Immaculate Confections**.

It was for charity.
Give. Give. Give***.
That's me.

* Washed down with freshly-made Watermelon Lemonade from this guy.  That salsa had a kick to it!

** Every single one of these indulgences was insanely good, and totally worth the calories.   Many of them are small ventures run by the artisans themselves.   Most do special orders and catering and some are available in gourmet stores around town.   Check them out! Order some! Invite me over!
*** I also gave myself some eye-catching jewelry.  So people won't notice my hips quite as much.

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