Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wanna be startin' somethin'

I said you wanna be startin' somthin'
You got to be startin' somethin'...

If you can't feed your baby (yeah, yeah!)

Then don't have a baby! (yeah, yeah!)

Yes, I believe in me!
So you believe in you!

Help me sing it!
Ma ma se, ma ma sa, ma ma coo sa!

You wanna be startin' something?

Sourdough starter guide here.
Alton Brown recipe I used here.
Or, if you're in the neighborhood, stop by here and borrow a cup of mine.
Recipe for using sourdough starter in the no knead bread recipe here.
Formulas to swap sourdough starter into standard yeast recipes here.
And check back here in coming weeks for my attempts at sourdough pancakes and biscuits.

Yeah! Yeah!


  1. Oh, I wanna be startin' something. Sourdough! Yippie!

  2. Yippee is right! Baked a loaf with dark beer last sour and so good...:)