Monday, February 27, 2012

A three-ish hour tour

With apologies to the original:

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale,
A tale of a tasty trip
That started from a parking lot
Aboard this very nice bus.

The guide was a mighty chatty man
The skipper kind and sure
We passengers set off that day
For an LA doughnut tour, an LA dough-nut tour*

The first stop was at Twin Castles, aye!
We were suitably impressed
For many of this discerning crew
Their doughnuts were the best, their doughnuts were the best**

The bus went round the 405 to the world famous Stan's
With Maple Logs
And fritters, too***
Banana filled with cream
Buttermilk bars
Peanut butter and chocolate too!****
Inhaled 'fore we'd gone a mile

Tres hip was the place that we went next
With goodies baked not fried
They serve Earl Gray spiced blueberry*****
(fonuts) will make a foodie cry

From there we walked our butts to Bob's
Inside a market filled with lore
Their classic glazed was delectable
More ice cold milk was poured

Downtown, big line, no wait for us
The Nickel Diner crew came through,
With maple bacon doughnut holes
And tales wild and true

The group was full, the prizes done
Every face had a big grin
The bus of sugar-filled people begged,
"When can we go again?!"

For a blow-by-blow account, watch the slideshow:

To eat yourself silly, follow the map:

View The Doughnut Tour! in a larger map

* Thank you to my friend Andrea for introducing me to John and Laura, who put together a truly amazing morning.  We were treated like doughnut royalty everywhere, with personal greetings from the owners, special tastings, and one delicious treat after another.  There were trivia contests (I won a pound of coffee for correctly guessing that there are 820 independent doughnut shops in Los Angeles County), historical tidbits, cold milk and great company provided.  They are putting together a Taco Tour at the end of March. Yowza! 
** Could have been the coffee that was included, and the fact that Laura made sure we each were served our very favorite kind of doughnut here.
*** Best apple fritter I've ever had - especially the crispy outside bits with the tender apples and flaky sugar glaze.  But one or two bites is all you need. Otherwise you'll fall into a sugar coma.
**** Now named for its biggest fan, Huell Howser.
***** And salted caramel, rosemary olive oil, chorizo cheese, fresh strawberry God, this menu!!


  1. Oh my goodness! This looks like so much fun. I WANNA GO ON A DONUT TOUR!!!

  2. It was SO fun! I highly, highly recommend it!