Thursday, July 26, 2012

A good day at camp

When she got in the car, we asked my daughter how her day was.

Her:  I am NEVER going back to regular balsamic vinegar.  EVER!

We are all cracking up, but I am secretly thrilled.
Then, a few minutes later.

Her: Olive oil?  I just don't get it.

Baby steps.

photo credit: my daughter's phone
Note:  She is doing a teen cooking camp with Little Feet in the Kitchen.  Yesterday was a field trip to Ferrari Olive Oil Co. for a tasting lesson. Today is Iron Chef day, and tomorrow they go behind the scenes at Porto's Bakery.  Not only am I wildly jealous personally, I'm beyond impressed with what she gets the kids to eat.  This was another "is this really my child?" quote from yesterday:

Her: We made the most AMAZING risotto for lunch.  There were shallots and garlic and this mushroom broth...oh my god it was SO GOOD!

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