Friday, August 31, 2012

Fact Checking

In this election season where fact checkers are having a field day*, I felt it was my patriotic duty to get to the bottom of yet another crazy rumor being perpetrated by the blogosphere.

I mean really.  Making ice cream out of a banana?  Lies, lies, lies!

Turns out, though, that this one is actually true.

Banana-Coffee Ice Cream
The recent post on The Kitchn has all kinds of variations: peanut butter, chocolate, Nutella, cinnamon...all looking way too good to be true. In the interest of being fair, balanced, and caffeinated in my research, I chose to add some Twix bars and a spoonful of black coffee** to my "magic" bananas.

A couple of ripe bananas, cut into coins and frozen for at least a few hours
1 package of Twix bars, chopped (next time, I'm doing Oreos)
1 Tbs. strong black coffee
Dash of vanilla extract

Put everything into a food processor.  Process, stopping frequently to scrape down the sides and distribute any chunky bits, until light and smooth.  Magically, the resulting mixture will have the exact texture of soft-serve ice cream.

Pinky swear.

Eat immediately, or transfer to a container and freeze for an hour or so.   Then it'll have the exact texture of regular ice cream.  And it will taste creamy, rich and AWESOME.

Cross my heart and hope to die.

Click to print this recipe!

* You know it's bad when even Fox News is getting in on the action.
** On the off chance this nutty idea worked, I figured I should live it up, and then write this post while I was still wired.


  1. ooooh, twix bars! nice touch! rarely is something that's so easy to make actually worth even the little effort that's involved! :)

    1. In this instance, the web got it exactly right. Thanks for stopping by!