Monday, June 1, 2009

I am a better parent than Michael Jackson

Driving my mom home today.

Her: Did you see the article about Michael Jackson?
Me: Um, No. I missed that one.
Her: It was in the business section. He has venture capital people investing in his new show.
Me: The shows that he already delayed?
Her: They're treating him like a kind of a product. You're a financial person, so you probably understand this, but it seems like a problem to me. You're really lucky you got into the venture business before these people started making bad investments.
Me: I'm not so sure I missed the bad investment part entirely, but...
Her: He was in a wheelchair on TV. How can you invest in a guy in a wheelchair? If he can't stand up, how can he do a show?
Me: He can't.
Her: And his kids were there, too, with him, and the wheelchair.
Me: They were?
Her: Yes. And they were all wearing those masks.
Her: At least you don't make your kids wear those masks.

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