Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tough day at the office

My son has his first "job" this summer. He's a Counselor-In-Training for the day camp at our local park. I was dying to know how his first day went.

Me: So? How'd it go?
Him: OK.
Me: (Restating the question): What did you do all day?
Him: I was with the five and six year olds. I watched them make bead art, and then, since it was water day, I just sort of squirted them a lot. But you're not going to believe this, Mom. There were these two kids in my group. The whole day all they did was complain about the other one!
[He gestures and makes faces to demonstrate as he quotes.]
"He pinched me!" "He hit me!" Like all day they did this. Seriously!
I'm not kidding! And then, when they had to pair up...
[here he is practically sputtering with incredulity]
...THEY PICKED EACH OTHER! What's up with that?
[I struggle to look appropriately mystified by this bizarre behavior.]
Me: Hmm. That is strange.
Him: I know, right? Kids. They're just nuts.

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