Sunday, January 24, 2010

Divine intervention in Massachusetts

I was relieved to hear from my mom that the election of Scott Brown was more proof that God is indeed looking out for the president.

Mom: I know that everyone is upset about this thing in Massachusetts, but I think it's so good for Barack.
Me: How is that?
Her: It shows that he just shouldn't have had his name on that bill. God is protecting his legacy from bad legislation.
Me: But...
Her: Of all the things that history is going to write about him, that health care one was going to be bad. So God took it off the table. And now, he can move on and do other stuff instead. Isn't that great?
Me: But...
Mom: The only thing is, he needs to stop going places.
Me: Um, why?
Mom: First, he went to Denmark, and we didn't get the Olympics. Then he went to Massachusetts, and we lost that one. He's smart. He didn't want to go. But he listened to his advisers and look what happened. Next time, he should just trust his instincts and stay home.

She might have something there.

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