Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Paving the way

If you couldn't already tell from the ratio of cookie baking posts to those with uplifting thoughts from my kickboxing studio, I took a bit of a break from working out over the holidays. But nothing says "January" quite like hauling a bunch of extra pounds to class and trying to get them all off in one day. And nothing says "you're a delusional idiot" like the way your thighs feel when you try to get out of a chair later that night*. Sigh.

At least my fingers aren't sore. It would be a shame not to pass on this week's message about pre-paving your path through 2010. To paraphrase:

Now is the time to create a vision for how you want the year to go. Imagine yourself in December. What are your finances like? How's your relationship going? What's happening with your career? Your body? Don't worry about the how at the moment**. Go ahead and dream as big as you like. Put it all together, and that's your destination. Just setting that vision in your mind is like pre-paving a road*** that can take you there.

After all, you wouldn't just hop on a plane for vacation without knowing where you were headed. Why get up tomorrow without a direction for your life?

Cool idea, huh? I'm going to do some dreaming while I soak these aching muscles.

* Especially since there is a lot more of your thighs to hurt now.
** Pretty easy to see what's coming next week, though.
***By the way, make it a good paving job. Not like this guy's.

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