Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Haitian Relief

I got the good news from Mom yesterday:

"Brad and Angelina are not splitting up. It was all a terrible rumor.* In fact, they're going to sue all those tabloids about it. Now everyone's talking about them maybe adopting an orphan from Haiti. Brad says they have enough children, but she's down there helping out from the earthquake, so you never know. "

She takes a sip of her ginger ale.

"They already donated a million dollars, but I guess for her, going to poor countries after a disaster is like other people going to the grocery store hungry."

* Which she had repeated to me last week with a despairing shake of her head. Mom had been hoping against hope their relationship could be saved, but when he spent millions on a house to supposedly escape his family, it was clearly a lost cause. Real estate, to Mom, speaks volumes about relationships.

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