Thursday, February 4, 2010

His mom looks happy, too

Mom and I were chatting about the just-announced Oscar nominations. Running through the list of Best Picture candidates*, we hit Up in the Air. Both of us felt that it was good, but nowhere near the best movie of the year. And we both agreed that George Clooney had done much better work in Michael Clayton and Good Night, and Good Luck. But his performance, for Mom, was beside the point.

Mom: I think he had a catharsis in that movie.
He: A catharsis?
Mom: Yes. Because right after that, he suddenly got serious about his girlfriend, and introduced her to his mother. He's never done that before, believe me! But I think when he walked into that empty apartment, as that character who was so alone, it just hit him.
Me: Hit him how, exactly?
Mom: He understands now that he needs to be part of something, to have a family. I'm telling you, playing that guy woke him up. And even if he doesn't win the Academy Award, that makes it a great movie in my book. I'm just so happy for him, after all these years.

A visual representation of George Clooney's catharsis

From this... this:

* Mom's thoughts on the rest of the Best Picture slate:

Avatar - 3D upsets her stomach, not going to see it.
Hurt Locker - Tough story, very well done.
Up - Loves this movie, because it does a great job showing old people.
Precious - Can't bear to go. Hopes it wins something.
Inglorious Basterds - No interest. Looks vile.
The Blind Side - Movie of the week material.
District 9 - She's not a sci-fi apartheid person.
An Educaction - Hasn't come to her theater yet, but sounds interesting.
A Serious Man - Is that the gay one or the Jewish one? It's confusing.

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