Monday, March 1, 2010

I am a better aunt than Linda

Things were pretty bleak out in Michigan. Snow everywhere. Mom staying up all night writing grant proposals. Dad on his third real estate agent with no house to show for it. Local relatives unclear on concept of spoiling, instead sending child home from visit with leftover confetti scraps as souvenir.


I personalize the video e-card...

"How about if you get closer to me and come to California TODAY? There's a flight leaving very soon, and you and Mommy can to go to the airport RIGHT NOW and get on it! They're saving a seat for you! I will pick you up and give you a BIG HUG in just a few hours. YAY!! YAY!! YAY!! Then I won't have to miss you anymore. Love, Auntie Shar"

...and hit send.

While I was at it, I parted the clouds and made a rainbow for her arrival, too.

Leftover confetti? Puh-lease.

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  1. In her defense, Amanda's "other" aunt did put the confetti she had picked up from the floor in a baggie for her. Who needs a show program or t-shirt when you can have little scraps of paper?