Friday, March 5, 2010

Twitter is an aunt's best friend

Hmm. What to do for an encore?

The beach?
Done it.

Done it.

The alley behind Colorado Ave. between noon and 2 pm on a Thursday?

There was...The Grilled Cheese Truck. Just like its twitter feed said.

It was literally in an alley

Parked just past a bunch of dumpsters (full ones, by the way)

It was 1:15 pm. There was a long line of excited, hungry people. We were excited, hungry people. This was perfect!

Well, not so perfect. This was the sign held by the person right in front of us in line. We were crushed. He was firm. The sign was not for sale. His order had no room for three more. He was unmoved by a child from thousands of miles away whose bottom lip was trembling, just like her aunt's. He was a total jerk*.

This was that same sign 10 minutes later, now in the possession of my sister and another girl who, like us, had been emitting pitiful wails of woe but had stayed, hoping against hope for a miracle. A kindly security guard for the alley convinced the grilled cheese truck management to have pity on us. The jerk reluctantly handed it over.

They were out of the short ribs, so the Cheesy Mac & Rib Melt would have to wait for another day.

Our sandwiches emerge from the window, piping hot off the grill.

Even better, our drinks emerge from the bin, refreshingly cold from the ice!

Tater tots with rich garlic aioli and tangy homemade BBQ dipping sauces. Yum!

Today's special: Club Melt, with Provolone, smoked turkey, avocado, bacon and tomato on perfectly crisp, buttery wheat bread. A great, great sandwich.

My "Plain and Simple" with Gruyere, bacon, and apple slices on cranberry walnut bread. I ate every last bite and loved it.

And yes, they do make a mighty tasty $3 grilled cheese with just cheese and bread.

Auntie Shar comes through again! Thank you, Grilled Cheese Truck!!!

* It turns out he was bribed with a promise of free tater tots to be mean to everyone who showed up after him. He became much nicer once they gave him the tater tots even though he wasn't actually the last guy being served.

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