Thursday, April 15, 2010

Crime, Punishment and French Toast

One of the highlights of our swing through Carmel on Spring Break was sitting down to a breakfast of Friar Tuck's French toast* and unfolding a copy of the Carmel Pine Cone.   I can't get you the breakfast, but enjoy this taste of the latest local crime sprees:

Pebble Beach: Someone entered a garage,  destroyed approximately $1,000 worth of pottery, and spray-painted an obscene word.  The suspect was positively identified by the victim and remains outstanding.

Carmel Valley: Reporting party on Laurel Drive called to report a suspicious rope hanging near her outer bathroom window. 

Pebble Beach: Resident reported two men walked into her house without her permission. The men were located, and they had mistakenly gone to the wrong home. The house they were looking for was next door to the resident’s.

Pebble Beach: Resident reported a neighbor was violating homeowner association rules by building before and after hours, as well as on the weekends. Neighbor became angry and confronted the resident, who asked that he leave, as he was trespassing. Neighbor did not leave right away and walked right up to the resident while screaming vulgar insults. Resident only wanted documentation and was given mediation pamphlet**.

Carmel Valley:  Reporting party stated her cell phone was stolen from her apartment at Carmel Valley Road and Esquiline Road. She later found the cell phone in her purse.  Case closed.

Carmel area: Female suspect was the driver of a vehicle stopped at South Carmel Hills Drive and Highway 1 for California Vehicle Code violations. Suspect consented to a search of her vehicle, and methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia were located inside of the vehicle. Suspect admitted to having more narcotics and paraphernalia concealed inside of her pants.

Carmel-by-the-Sea: Report of a subject who was taking rocks from the shoreline for personal use***. The subject was contacted and warned. No further action. 

Carmel Valley: Resident was upset because of the way his soon-to-be ex-wife was treating his belongings.

Carmel Valley: Resident was upset when she found her trees had been trimmed.

* They sprinkle it with cinnamon AND powdered sugar! Plus, there's a stuffed deer on the wall that scolds your kids.
** Apparently, they must stock the squad cars with these pamphlets, just in case.
*** My niece is on the lam in Michigan for engaging in this same criminal activity.


  1. How I love to live in an area where these are the significant police calls. BTW have you been to Emlee's for their french toast. It's enough to put you into diabetic coma... so good.

  2. I grew up in Carmel. I actually sold the Pine Cone. I love reading the police log as well. Still the first thing I read when I go home.

  3. Just read the post suggesting Emlee's french toast. It is THE best ever! But the best breakfast anywhere and a real local favorite is The Wagon Wheel in Mid Valley

  4. I have not been to Emlee's, which seems to be an oversight of epic proportions. Next time, I'm there! But I have been to The Wagon Wheel several times, and love it. Carmel is definitely a great breakfast town, despite the criminal element lurking about.