Monday, August 9, 2010

10 things I loved about Hawaii (an alphabetical photo collection with only one footnote)

1.  Banana bread from a roadside stand (hot from the oven, with a cold Diet Coke)

2.  Black sand beaches (and the regular ones, too)

3.  Blow holes, well aimed

4.  Clouds above...

  ...and clouds below

5.  Dinner at Paia Fish Market (the best meal I ate on Maui*)

6.  Marshmallow Peep-shaped rock formation

7. Nerf, the baby spinner dolphin (with family and friends)

8.  Rainbows

9. Scuba-certified 11 year olds

10.  SHAVE ICE!!!!

*  Other food notes:  The setting and service were great at Mama's Fish House, but the bill was outrageous and the food was very good but not incredible.  The best single bite of the week was the seared scallop appetizer at Merriman's.  The view and wine were also amazing.  Plus, they wrote "Happy Anniversary" in Hawaiian, in chocolate on our dessert plate.  A runner up for the meal of the week was the combination taco plate at a strip mall fish joint in Napili.   Also, the fresh pineapple I sliced up for breakfast every day made me really, really happy.

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