Saturday, August 14, 2010

Foodie Girls Lunch Brigade - Special San Diego Fro Yo Edition

My sister, AKA FG4, has taken yet another one for the team.    Herewith her latest dispatch:

During my recent trip to San Diego for a work conference, Denise (whom I would like to nominate as an official FG, San Diego chapter) told me about a legendary frozen yogurt shop in her neighborhood.  They have been there for over 30 years and always have a line out of the door.  Clay, Denise's husband, said he recently overheard a conversation by one of their distributors stating they were the most profitable stand-alone frozen yogurt store in the country.

With that kind of information, I just had to take her up on the invitation to go there for dessert.  It was about 7:30 on a Tuesday night when we pulled up to the Yogurt Mill, which sits in an unassuming strip mall.  Denise and Clay affectionately have nick-named it the "Leaning Tower" of yogurt due to the tilting white tall round column atop the building bearing the name of the store.  True to Denise's description, there was a line out the door and into the parking lot.  Denise said although there was a line, they typically have an even longer one, with waits of over an hour on weekends. 

We waited patiently in line for about 20 minutes until we could get inside the store to look at the menu.  Denise let me know they typically have 12 flavors, some consistent while other flavors rotate.  They were out of 3 flavors by the time we got to order, but I was not disappointed in my flavor options and went with the peanut butter cup and vanilla swirl, with peanut butter cup topping.  Amanda went with strawberry.

Seasoned Yogurt Mill customers know to order the kid's size (equivalent to a large size at every other yogurt shop I've been to - and that is quite a few) and have it double-dropped, meaning they take the container and drop it inside the large-size container.  Why?  They fill the cups well over the brim with yogurt, so if it is in a larger container you don't lose a drop.  They are generous with the toppings as well, giving us a good heaping scoop of what we ordered nestled inside the top of the yogurt swirl.
Just another word about the over-generous sizes at amazingly low prices.  I was hungry and still needed two days to eat my kid's size serving.  Amanda wasn't able to finish hers before we left town.  All that for less than $4!!!!

Then came the true test, how did it taste?  Absolutely DELICIOUS!  Amanda's strawberry tasted just like Yoplait strawberry custard style yogurt but frozen - it was very tasty.  My peanut butter cup was rich and creamy, and full of spot-on flavor.  I thoroughly enjoyed my dessert, and would definitely go back again.  But then, an unexpected surprise came as I made my way to the bottom of my cup.  A hidden container, at the bottom of my serving cup, full of more of my topping.  What a treat!  Typically you are all out of topping as you get to the bottom of any ice cream or yogurt dish.  Anticipating such a travesty, the folks at the Yogurt Mill make sure you have plenty of your topping for all of your yogurt by slipping an entire second helping of topping under your serving in addition to the one on top.  They get serious points for that one!

My foodie girl rating:  ON the list, great value and terrific taste.  The line is worth the wait! 
Now I know why Denise has been one of my best friends since elementary school - she knows where to go for a great dessert!
We are, once again, in your debt*, FG4!  

* And I personally owe her big time for taking my daughter, along with hers, to said conference for a week and indulging them both with these giant tubs of fro yo and probably a bunch of other stuff she didn't tell me about. 

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