Saturday, August 6, 2011

I am so not taking them to Muir Woods

We saw this movie last night, and loved it.

But then, as I was starting up the car afterward, I looked down at my hands.

Then at the little red bag that is my constant companion*.

Oh dear.

I'm surrounded.

I think that little blue guy might be the leader.

* Except when I leave it hanging off the back of my chair at the restaurant where I have just eaten, and have to return sheepishly to retrieve it the next day.  This happens more frequently that I would like to admit, lending credence to the possiblity that my apes are, in fact, smarter than I am.


  1. This made me howl with laughter. I was on the fence about seeing it but think I may have to go now.

  2. It's definitely worth going to see.! And I'm very glad I documented my situation. If for some reason I don't post anymore, the world will know what happened.

  3. Yes, trips to Muir Woods, the Golden Gate Bridge, Twin Peak just won't be the same. I was hoping the chimps would go to more interesting neighborhoods like The Castro, Chinatown and North Beach. I'm sure they'll make a poster of the cable car scene, but I just haven't seen it yet.

  4. Good point, Sabrina! You'd think they might have at least stopped at the Ferry Building for picnic supplies.

  5. wow! how beautiful is your blog? just found it and i'm so impressed!!! can't wait to browse around :)
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  6. Thank you! And your blog is definitely making me drool...