Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My packages are better than their packages

The UPS guy and I get seriously close at Christmas time, thanks to Amazon Prime and my sister.   Then I lose touch with him in the spring, and we become almost estranged during the summer months, except for the occasional delivery of vacuum cleaner bags here and there. But lately, the flow of packages has picked up again, and the thrill of that "thunk" on the doorstep has returned.

As always, some of these deliveries were big hits. Others, less so.
Play the audio and see for yourself.

School uniforms (hers)

Textbooks (his and hers)

1200 piece Lego Space Shuttle kit (my husband's...the guy seriously needs to get back to work*)

Printed corporate checks (the new company's)

A jar of homemade blueberry jam and a handwritten postcard saying the following:

"We hope that your LA summer is going well.  The family M hopes to close escrow on our house next week.  It is a very slow process here.  To bide our time we make jam.  And here is how it is made.  First, grab your bike and then ride 7.25 miles along Lake Ontario until you see U-Pick!  The berries are so ripe they nearly jump into your bucket.  Back on the bike to stop for ice cream.  This has nothing to do with jam, but it is so yummy.  Next, cook the jam and send to dear friends! We miss you."

I win.

Not to mention what was in my other package.


double win***.

* It is pretty cool, actually.  Retractable Lego landing gear and swinging robot arm!
** Plus some hilarious and clever kitchen gear from Fred and not one, but two, lovely thank you notes, an unexpected and completely perfect gift from a friend who shouldn't have.
*** Except that it took me forever to figure out how to add these silly sound effects to the post, so I double lost some sleep.

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