Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Foodie Girls Lunch Brigade - Episode 29: Bonus Pie Visit

Unlike our previous deliberate detour for pie, this bonus visit was truly just luck.  Republic of Pie is right next to Bow & Truss, and what self-respecting FG could miss the bright red beacon above her head?

This had all the ingredients of a true find.  The handwritten menu with a wide variety of pies to choose from:

Great looking options in the glass cases to lust after while you wait (there was a mac & cheese pot pie too!):

And even more to crave around the corner:


And a space that was airy, bright and warm, with exposed wood beams, comfy couches and wooden chairs, trees and greenery, cozy cupboards and tables, free wi-fi, and plenty of room to spread out.  There was even a small stage, where apparently they have live music in the evenings.

Oh, how elated we were! Despite being stuffed from lunch, we each got a slice of pie and a hot drink, plus a few takeout items (pecan brownies, oatmeal bars, macarons, whoopie pies).
For the kids, of course.
For the kids.

We found a table.  The cappuccino was a work of art, and the tea was brewed in a beautiful Japanse tea pot, individually timed to be strong without being at all bitter.

The pies arrived, after being warmed up in the oven.  Our forks rose as one and we prepared to be blown away.

The dense, smooth, well spiced sweet potato pie was the best of the lot.

The chocolate pecan pie was overly sweet and oddly dry

The coconut cream pie didn't taste much like coconut, and what is up with that caramel squirter in the kitchen anyway? Give it a rest!

Oh, how underwhelmed we were! With the exception of the sweet potato, which was quite good, the other pies were OK at best.  Plus, on every pie, the crust was flat and bland, instead of flaky and tasty, and everyone knows that crust is the best part!

We dutifully nibbled while we talked, and noted again how very pleasant it was to hang out in the bright, cheerful room.  So pleasant, in fact, that I thought it just might be worth giving Republic of Pie one more chance.

Nah.  The pecan brownie I brought home wasn't all that good either.
I mean, the kids hated it.
The kids.

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