Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The best thing about "Julie & Julia"

According to my Mom, her favorite part about the new movie was not the beautiful food, the wonderful writing, the spot-on acting, or the compelling parallel stories of two women finding joy in finding themselves through cooking*. Nope.

"What I loved most was seeing two people in committed relationships. You know, I've just started watching Judge Judy in the afternoons, and those people get into a fight over a piece of paper. Between that and Dr. Phil, I'm telling you the couples in that movie were just a breath of fresh air."

She may have a point**. Which would you rather see?


* All of which were my reasons for enjoying the movie, as well as the book.
** It is more likely, however, that this is a sly part of her campaign to get a new TV for her birthday. When I asked why in the world she was watching Judge Judy, she said, "Well, you know I have to watch the little TV since my other one broke, and I can't get the channel that I used to watch when I didn't want to watch Oprah at 3." Other recent salvos in this campaign have included putting the phone down for 5 minutes when my sister called her, coming back to the phone and saying, "Sorry about that. The little TV doesn't have a remote, so I had to walk over and turn it down by hand." As in, walk the 10 feet across the carpet of her studio apartment. This after asking if we could get her old TV repaired for her birthday. Sly like a fox, I tell you. She's getting the TV.

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