Friday, August 7, 2009

Foodie Girls Lunch Brigade – Episode 3

I might be getting carried away, but I think this Foodie Girls thing may have legs (as well as, of course, teeth). First of all, we have nearly cleared that notorious 30 day hurdle that would qualify these meetings as a habit, as opposed to a whim, an odd coincidence, or a delusion of friendship on my part. Add to that the fact that the list of places we want to go next is growing exponentially, as is our international correspondence*. Therefore one could certainly be forgiven for characterizing our most recent foray as “an important business meeting” when asked by one’s spouse what one was planning to do that day, as opposed to the possibly more accurate but less official sounding “another lunch with my friends that you don’t get to eat.”

It is, however, a dead giveaway when this spouse asks where your meeting is and the words “The Oinkster” come out of your mouth.


Episode 3 – “Meeting” at the Oinkster

There is chicken on the menu. Salads, too. Even burgers that are reputedly quite tasty. But let’s get real. We’re here for the pork. Here being a converted vintage fast food joint in Eagle Rock that is hand-smoking their own pastrami and slow cooking pig until it falls off the bone to make vats of flavorful pulled pork. Layering these things with tangy red cabbage slaw and a meaty jus that squirts out of plastic bottles in a glorious stream that turns the robust French roll in your hand into a drippy mush of meaty goodness**. Where a Reuben comes on rye bread that must have been baked that day, grilled in some form of butter with loads of that peppery pastrami, briny sauerkraut, melted Gruyere cheese and a killer thousand island dressing in all the nooks and crannies. And you know, before this, I didn't even LIKE Reuben sandwiches.

It’s almost unfair that they also make some of the best french fries in town: Belgian style, cooked twice from thickly sliced spuds, with a side of smooth garlic aioli and house made chipotle ketchup. We hit pay dirt, my friends.

Foodie Girls Final Verdict: The three little piggies went "whoopee! whoopee! whoopee!" all the way home***, and you will, too. It was all really good, but our favorite was the Reuben with a side of those incredible fries.

* Going from zero to one is technically an infinite growth rate, but I didn’t want to brag.
** I believe a quote was "they should serve this with a spoon."
*** Where they will be taking a much needed break and having leafy green vegetables and water for the next week or so.

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