Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The NY Times agrees wtih my Mom

I submit the following excerpt from a recent article in that august publication on Nora Ephron and Julie & Julia:

"Hollywood movies about vibrant marriages are rare. There is “The Thin Man” (whose main characters, it should be noted, are Nick and Nora). But most often film unions are dreary and painful, a chore that must be slogged through en route to the real story line: divorce or an affair. Enter “marriage” as a keyword on the Internet Movie Database ( and the results are almost uniformly negative: “unhappy-marriage” (150 titles), “forced-marriage” (140 titles), “marriage-as-hell” (37 titles).

But happy, relaxed, rolling-along-together marriage? “It’s like spotting a unicorn,” Ms. Ephron said."

Mom's take: "Those two couples were like a breath of fresh air." Cue music from The Twilight Zone.

Or, better yet, cue Dan Akroyd:

I promise, I am not going to post another word on this topic. It's just a movie. But seriously? The NY Times? And I found the link via the Huffington Post? I know I should never underestimate how much my Mom has her finger on the pulse of the nation, but I was was just so thrown by having Judge Judy tossed into the mix.

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