Monday, September 28, 2009

Dear Cheesy Pennies

Dear Cheesy Pennies,
Why is it so hard to leave a comment on your blog?
Frustrated in cyberspace

Dear Frustrated,

Clearly, it is the commenting process that has been holding up the flood of constructive feedback that you guys have been dying to share with me*. I tried to leave myself a comment the other day** and was totally stymied by the intimidating drop down menu asking me for my "typepad profile" or my AIM id. Who has those? Not me***.

So here's the trick. When that drop down menu appears, you choose:


Yep. It's that easy. It lets you just type away. When you're finished, just enter the squiggly letters it wants you to, and click "post". You can even put your name in the body of the message, so you are not really...


Good luck!

Cheesy Pennies

* As opposed to the fact that readership levels are diminumous and probably mostly accidental.
** Just to share my thoughts with myself on the whole big baby issue: "Sharon, you sure were a cute baby. That big baby couldn't hold a candle to you, even if it is an unnatural phenomenon. Plus, you weigh so much more than that baby now, I'm not sure why your mom even brought it up. Keep up the great work!"
*** But I have been fortunate that several of you either do have these things or have fought through the blogger BS to contribute. Thank you!
**** The other option is to choose "Name/URL" from the list. It won't tell you this, but you can enter your name without a URL, and it works like a charm.

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